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Meet Mr. January 2015: The Secret Pardon


The Secret Pardon, “Diesel,” is a 2008 stallion with perfect form and color, as well as a five-time National Champion and a Reserve National Champion, with three bronze medallions. His pedigree is equally  great, being a grandson of Dreamfinder.

James and Laurie Rylander, DVM, of Sweetwater Farms in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, are the proud owners of this fine stallion.

A significant color producer, Diesel has been verified HYPP N/N, which uphold’s Sweetwater Farms’ commitment to testing for and breeding disease-free horses that will further the breed.

After a successful, enjoyable show career, the Rylanders are pleased to present Diesel for breeding to national and international customers. He is standing at the Schembri’s Char-O-Lot Ranch in Florida for the reduced price of $950; cooled and frozen semen is available.

“Our 2015 stud fee has been lowered to $950 to see if we can stimulate the market,” Rylander said.

One of Diesel’s 2014 fillies was Reserve World Champion Non-Pro Halter Filly and third in Open Weanling Fillies with Ted Turner leading her in a huge class.

Now is the time for the affordable, versatile Appaloosa horse to regain the “spot”light as the preferred breed of choice for showing, trail riding with the family-or a combination of both. Why fit in when you can be spotted on an Appaloosa?

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2009 Bronze – National Show – Most Colorful at Halter
2009 Bronze – National Show – Yearling Colts
2008 Bronze – National Show – Weanling Colts

2009 Year End Top Ten – Most Colorful at Halter
2009 Register of Merit – Most Colorful at Halter
2009 Register of Merit – Halter


26 Registered Foals
6 Halter Point Earners
Total Points 53.0
1 Register of Merit

2 Non-Pro Point Earners
Total Points 27.5

STUD FEE: $950
Cooled and frozen semen available
Breeders Trust Logo

Bred By:
James & Judith Blin
Independence, Iowa

Owned By:
James & Laurie Rylander
Cape Cod, MA
Home: 508-896-6021
Cell: 744-353-6813

Standing At:Char-O-Lot
Sue Schembri
35750 Highway 70 E
PO Box 40
Myakka City, FL 34251

Meet Mr. October 2014: Hands Of A Hero


Hands of A Hero, “Jacquard,” owned by Hopes Creek Ranch in College Station, Texas, is a bright, talented 2006 stallion by their horse All Hands On Zip and out of Strawscootin Suzy.

“We do a [barn] name theme every year and his year was the ‘cloth’ year (chenille, satin, oxford, etc),” said ranch owner Nancy Magnussen.

Jacquard, named after the inventor of a weaving system that automated the production of intricate patterns, passes on his intelligence, show talent, color and height to his offspring. He is currently a 100 percent color producer on all mares, and many of his oldest foals are 16.3 hands and growing.

“His babies are correct and balanced with very nice conformation,” Magnussen said. “He throws slow-legged movers with the float and sweep that we like to see in our performance horses. Even at 17 hands, one of his 3-year-olds has the ability to collect and win in Junior Western Pleasure and Trail (currently in the Top Ten Leading the Nation in Junior Trail).”

Three of his 18 foals are now 3-year-olds, two of which have won multiple bronze medallions and a silver medallion, as well as several Non-Pro awards with their 60-year-old riders. Many 2-year-olds and yearlings will be competing at the World show.

An excellent show record comes through the training and exhibition skill of Lisa Ligon, followed by Dale Sullens during his last year of showing in 2011. Jacquard compiled an impressive list of accomplishments, at right, including a Superior Event Award in Hunter In Hand Stallions.

Hopes Creek Ranch runs a small but quality operation, with all horses N/N on the five-panel test. Despite only producing eight to 12 foals per year, Hopes Creek Ranch achieved 2013 Leading Breeder honors. All foals are NSBA eligible. Call today to schedule a breeding with the best!


2011 Silver – World Show – Green Hunter
2011 Silver – World Show – Junior Hunter Hack
2011 Bronze – World Show – Hunter In Hand Four & Older Stallions
2011 Silver – National Show – Green Hunter
2011 Silver – National Show – Junior Hunter Hack
2010 Silver – World Show – Junior Hunter Hack
2010 Silver – National Show – Junior Hunter Hack
2008 Bronze – World Show – Hunter In Hand Two & Three Year Olds

2011 Year End Top Ten – Junior Hunter Under Saddle
2011 Year End Top Ten – Junior Hunter Hack
2011 Year End Top Ten – Hunter in Hand Stallions
2011 Superior Event – Hunter in Hand Stallions
2011 Year End Top Ten – Green Hunter
2011 Year End Top Ten – Working Hunter
2010 Year End Top Ten – Junior Hunter Under Saddle
2010 Year End Top Ten – Junior Hunter Hack
2010 Year End Top Ten – Hunter in Hand Stallions
2010 ApHC Club Champion
2010 Year End Top Ten – Pre-Green Hunter
2009 Register of Merit – Junior Hunter Under Saddle
2009 Year End Top Ten – Junior Hunter Under Saddle
2009 Year End Top Ten – Hunter in Hand Stallions
2009 Year End Top Ten – Three-Year-Old Snaffle Bit Hunter Under Saddle
2009 Register of Merit – Three-Year-Old Snaffle Bit Hunter Under Saddle
2008 Year End Top Ten – Hunter in Hand Stallions
2008 Register of Merit – Hunter in Hand Stallions
2007 Year End Top Ten – Hunter in Hand Stallions

2008 Register of Merit – Non-Pro Hunter In Hand Stallions

1 Silver Medallion Winner
4 Bronze Medallion Winners

Total Points 59.0

Total Points 83.0
Registers of Merit: 1

5-Panel N/N

STUD FEE: $1,000

Bred by, Owned by and Standing at:
Hopes Creek Ranch
Walt & Nancy Magnussen
4700 Country Meadow Lane
College Station, TX 77845
(979) 690-0747

Meet Mr. January 2014

The AJ 2014 Calendar Featured Stallion, Mad Desire (January 2014)

Summer Landscape - Bavaria

Mad Desire, “Bugsy,” is owned and loved by Johanna Downs of Yorba Linda, California and stands at the Dal Porto Ranch in Brentwood, California. He is a 2009 stallion by TD In Three (QH) and out of Kela Figment. Mad Desire was raised and started on his show career by Marco Bertazzoni of La Pavarana Ranch in Pilot Point, Texas.

Downs’ love for horses re-emerged while watching her sister Julie Flagtwet win the Two-Year-Old Halter Mares class at the 2010 World Show. She informed her niece Brooke Flagtwet that she was serious about buying a horse from the World Show. Brooke chose the yearling stallion based on specific criteria she wanted: his royal pedigree, impeccable conformation and exquisitely expression-filled face.

With Julie’s expertise and guidance, Downs began preparing Bugsy to compete in the World Championships of 2011 and 2012, to be followed by a breeding career.  He returned to the World Show as a two-year-old, taking a unanimous Non-Pro Championship win with Julie Flagtwet and an Open Reserve World Championship with Terry Sartain.

By the end of 2012 and with many National and World Championships under his belt, as well as the year-end Three-Year-Old High-Point Stallion award, Dal Porto Ranch—which was hired after the World Show in 2011 to assist in the training and showing—began working on his career as a sire. Bugsy passed the 5-panel test N/N across the board and began to attract mare owners from the USA, Europe and Australia. He has frozen semen prepared, with several great mares in foal down there. Nicole Wilson is his Australian representative and some of his biggest supporters are from down under. He is gearing up for an exciting first-breeding season in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Please take a look at this young stallion for your favorite mares in 2014!




Medallions Awarded:
2012 Bronze – Halter – Three-Year-Old Stallions

Open Awards:
2012 Year End Top Ten – Three-Year-Old Stallions
2012 Register of Merit – Halter
2012 Reserve National Champion Three-Year-Old Stallion Open
2012 Reserve World Champion Three-Year-Old Stallion Open
2012 National High-Point in the Nation
2011 World Champion Two-Year-Old Stallion N/P
2011 Reserve World Champion Two-Year-Old Stallion Open
2010 World Champion Yearling Stallion N/P

Non-Pro Awards:
2012 Register of Merit – Halter


Bred By:
Marco Bertazzoni
La Pavarana Ranch
Pilot Point, Texas

Owned By:
Johanna Downs
Yorba Linda, California

Standing At:
Dal Porto Ranch
Steve & Carol Dal Porto
8650 Byron Highway
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 625-4535

Destiny Zeiders’ Zippo Psychic Vision Youngest Non-Pro Supreme Champion Horse

Destiny Zeiders of Mifflintown, Pennsylvania, is ecstatic at winning the ApHC Non-Pro Supreme Champion Horse award with her mare, Zippo Psychic Vision, “Tia,” the fourth and youngest horse ever to claim this prize. Additionally, all points for this award were accumulated on the regional circuit.

“I think the biggest excitement comes from this being a home-bred, owned and trained horse,” Zeiders said. “Tia is out of my youth all-around mare Psychic Power and by the late ZipposCountryBoy. In 2005 after college I thought I would really like to get back into showing and doing the all-around events, but coming out of college I knew I didn’t have the money to spend on a ‘made’ horse, so I decided my best option would be to breed for what I wanted.”

Zeiders had won two 1999 Youth World Show titles in showmanship with Psychic Power, so she knew she already had a quality mare. Some friends of hers had acquired World Champion western pleasure horse ZipposCountryBoy, so all was set for a winning Appaloosa combination to be produced the following year.

“She is like a custom order for me,” Zeiders said. “I really wanted a buckskin filly with flakes over her hips and that is exactly what I got!”

The Non-Pro Supreme Champion Horse award is given to horses who have earned at least 100 points, at least 40 of which must be in halter classes and 60 in performance at a limit of 10 points per individual performance class. Additionally, the horse must have Registers of Merit (ROMs) in four of the five performance categories, and points have to be awarded by at least five different judges.
Only four horses have been issued this award: ImAPrettyBoyFloyd, age 13, 2001; Rock Solid HH, age 14, 2002; Applaud For Me, age 10, 2009; and now Zippo Psychic Vision, age 6, 2012.

Zippo Psychic Vision has 43 total Non-Pro halter points and 222.5 total Non-Pro performance points, as well as the Non-Pro Champion Horse award and Non-Pro ROMs in Hunter Under Saddle, Keyhole Race, Reining, and Hunter in Hand Mares.

Because of a back problem and cellulitus with Tia in 2011, Zeiders said this award was not even on her radar until some friends suggested she shoot for it. As the health problems restricted her to halter and showmanship classes—traditionally the hardest to earn—she found that she was only missing a few equitation and working points. Earning these, however, came down to the wire at the last regional show of 2012, Garden State in Branchville, New Jersey.

“Going into the show I needed two more anything points to get the performance total, four games points and one reining point,” Zeiders said. “Once I got the games points in the morning and the performance points in the afternoon I was able to breathe a little easier. Reining was the last class at the show and as I was finishing and walking out of the ring with Tia, it started to downpour. Thankfully it held off enough for me to get finished. When they announced the results I think everyone thought that my mom and I were crazy for jumping around in the total downpour.”

Even though she knew she had the points—earned during regional shows in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, New York and her home state Pennsylvania—for the award, waiting for official confirmation was stressful.

Zeiders attributes these points to much hard work, extensive practice and training. She broke and started training on Tia doing showmanship, halter and English. In 2010 she started working with local Quarter Horse trainer Holly Thomas on Western Pleasure, Trail and Equitation. During the winter of 2011-2012 she went to Dutch Chapman Reining Horses to get herself acclimated with reining to try securing those points. She had trained her own games horses since her youth, so she honed that aspect during winter.

Earning this award was an astounding accomplishment, but Zeiders has her sights even higher: Finishing out her own personal Non-Pro Supreme Champion award, for which she needs a handful of equitation points. After this, she’d like to shift her focus slightly.

“I really enjoy showing the all-around, but I think my heart is more in the speed classes.”

Horses have always been a significant part of Zeiders’ life, since owning a pony at age five. When she was 11 she acquired her first show Appaloosa mare, Dream In Pajamas, who is now 25 and still under her care. She got into Appaloosas because the farm at which she first took lessons had mostly Appaloosas. She only showed a few times during her youth career, but decided she wanted to do more after college.

“I have enjoyed the friendships and the camaraderie since coming back into the circuit,” she said. “I think this is one of the best things about showing Appaloosas.”