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Meet Mr. June 2016: Gay Bars Silver


AJ 2016 Calendar June featured stallion

If one were to analyze just the name of this outstanding individual you’d actually come up with some pretty amazing family ties. Gay Bars Silver, “Silver,” a 2000 stallion owned by Liz Kincaid, is the Appaloosa Journal June calendar star.

The “Gay Bars” in his name goes back to Gay Bar King who sired winners in just about every genre of the equine industry. The “Silver” in his name goes back to Silver Strikes Equal, an ApHC versatility Champion winning in racing, halter (Grand Champion) and performance.

His dam, Silver Roxie, a National Champion in cutting also earned a Production Plaque and Gay Bars Silver, himself is a four-time World Champion in cutting; he was easy to train, looked smart on a cow and was gentle enough for children to ride. GBS is pure stock horse, the type of horse that was the cornerstone of what ultimately became the ApHC.

Bred, raised and owned by Liz Kincaid, Silver negotiated a gauntlet of criteria to get to the final destination of retired, breeding stallion (“The Good Life!”). Silver had to have color, great pedigree, physical beauty, plenty of “want to,” be a champion in the show pen, 5-panel N/N for genetic diseases, a dreamboat to handle and (most important) pass all this on to his get. In the blink of an eye, Silver  passed this last but most important benchmark without disappointing.

It is important to note that stock horses have no classes for their babies until those babies are 3 years old. Silver was 8 before T.O.P. Appaloosas could realize even one champion get by their premier stallion.

That first champion, from Silver’s first foal crop, was a reiner. To date, Gay Bars Silver, the cutting horse, has ApRHA winners, ApCHA winners, ApHC National and World Champions in cutting and reining, National High Point winners, NRHA earnings of over $11,600, Breeders’ Trust earners of more than $1,800, ApCHA earners (approx) $14,000 and GBS Incentive Fund payout of over $11,000. All of this was accomplished by one woman, one productive stud, great trainers and some very talented foals!

Gay Bars Silver deserves to be a stallion. He is the whole package, siring babies that excel in various events (a Champion or Reserve Champion in some class since 2008). No doubt he will continue to contribute great horses to the future of the ApHC. The babies by Gay Bars Silver average 14.2 hands in height, and since Silver carries a dilute gene, you are very likely to get palomino or buckskin. Silver is not only a champion he consistently sires champions from different mares.

At T.O.P. Appaloosas, if the babies can outshine their sire, we are doing our job to improve the breed—or should I say Gay Bars Silver is doing his job to improve the breed. We give all the glory to God.

The breeding to get GBS: $100
Raising GBS: $1000s
Training/showing GBS: $10s of 1000s
Watching your program become successful and positive to the ApHC Industry: PRICELESS


2005 Bronze – Performance – Junior Cutting
2005 Bronze – World Show – Junior Cutting
2004 Bronze – World Show – Junior Cutting

2005 Year End Top Ten – Junior Cutting
2004 Register of Merit – Senior Cutting
2004 Year End Top Ten – Junior Cutting
2003 Year End Top Ten – Junior Cutting

2005 National Champion – Novice Non-Pro Cutting

7 Medallions Earned
Total Points 171.5
Registers of Merit: 7
ApRHA: 1 Champion, 2 Reserve Champions
ApCHA: 2 Champions, 1 Reserve Champion
1 ApHC Free Style Reining World Champion
Total Points 20.5
1 Halter ROM earner, Top Ten Open Halter Yearlings

$2,000 – Semen shipped through June


Bred by, Owned by, Standing at:
TOP Logo
Liz Kincaid
225 Stonecrest Rd
Argyle, Texas
(214) 738-4976


Meet Mr. April 2016: Mad Desire



Not many stallions that competed and now stand in the U.S. can say that their first foal crop wasn’t born on U.S. soil, but was in fact born internationally, in Australia. Multiple World and National champion stallion Mad Desire, “Bugsy,” can.

While many probably are not aware, this dream began well before the colt ever stepped foot into the show pen, and in fact began before his return after his yearling year. Facebook friendship between Nicole Wilson and Brooke Flagtwet, now both Stallion Managers of Mad Desire in their respective countries, started as a back and forth of how each others’ horses would cross so well. What started out as friendly small talk slowly began to form into something of substance, and finally led to frozen semen being exported to Australia.

Breedings began selling quickly after the arrival of the first shipment, and with excitement and relief, Mad Desire got every mare pregnant, leading to two foal crops on the ground, and a third on the way in the fall of 2016, which is Australia’s regular foaling season. Because of some girl power backing the colored bay stallion, the dream became a reality for Brooke and Nicole, and the fruits of their labor led to foals on the ground, and in the show pen, with ecstatic owners at the shank. Already, owners of Mad Desire foals are reaping the benefits and walking away from the show pen with blue ribbons in hand; from the Halter Futurities, to the Longe Line and Hunter in Hand. Mad Desire might be a World and National champion halter horse, but he is proving to stamp his foals with exceptional conformation that translates into the performance classes.

While Mad Desire, affectionately known as Bugsy, enjoys the life of a breeding stallion, the stud has returned to looking pristine, and appearing like he just stepped out of the show pen, This is no surprise though, as he is typical of his lineage. TouchDown Kid, Kelo Connects, and Justa Figment, all royalty in their own right, have helped mold the timeless stallion. Some say the only thing that has changed about Bugsy is his color. He does get to rock an untamed mane and recently posed in breeding weight and shape for a photo shoot. Even at age 7, he still looks sharp without any special fitness program.

Mad Desire is available to be seen by visitors at CNC Show Horses of Southern California tucked away in Gavilan Hills. He is nominated to the Breeders Trust, and Best in the West Futurity. He is 16 hands, 5-Panel negative (meaning he carries no genetic diseases), siring color on solid Appaloosa and Quarter Horse mares. As a show horse, Bugsy found consistency in the show arena, earning World and National titles every time shown, along with his Superior in open halter, and siring foals who are now stepping into the show pen and already winning in Australia. His U.S. foals will begin showing in April of this year on the West Coast and other major events, with 2017 foals expected by multiple mares. Visit to see more photos of his foals in and out of the arena.




2012 Bronze – Halter – Three-Year-Old Stallions

2012 Year End Top Ten – Three-Year-Old Stallions
2012 Register of Merit – Halter
2012 Reserve National Champion Three-Year-Old Stallion Open
2012 Reserve World Champion Three-Year-Old Stallion Open
2012 National High-Point in the Nation
2011 World Champion Two-Year-Old Stallion N/P
2011 Reserve World Champion Two-Year-Old Stallion Open
2010 World Champion Yearling Stallion N/P

2012 Register of Merit – Halter



Bred by:
Marco Bertazzoni
La Pavarana Ranch
Pilot Point, Texas

Owned by:
Johanna Downs
Yorba Linda, California

Standing at:
CNC Show horses
Cindy & Craig Polley
23150 Rolling Meadows Dr.
Perris, CA 92570

Meet Mr. August 2015: Hands Of A Hero


Hands of A Hero, “Jacquard,” owned by Hopes Creek Ranch in College Station, Texas, is a bright, talented 2006 stallion by their horse All Hands On Zip and out of Strawscootin Suzy.

“We do a [barn] name theme every year and his year was the ‘cloth’ year (chenille, satin, oxford, etc),” said ranch owner Nancy Magnussen.

Jacquard, named after the inventor of a weaving system that automated the production of intricate patterns, passes on his intelligence, show talent, color and height to his offspring. He is currently a high-percent color producer on all mares, and many of his oldest foals are 16.3 hands and growing.

“His babies are correct and balanced with very nice conformation,” Magnussen said. “He throws slow-legged movers with the float and sweep that we like to see in our performance horses.”

One of his foals, Hero In Disguise, has assembled an incredible show record in diverse events this year, including his owner, Pam Hargesheimer, capturing the title of No. 1 Leading The Nation in Masters Hunter Under Saddle.

An excellent show record comes through the training and exhibition skill of Lisa Ligon, followed by Dale Sullens during his last year of showing in 2011. Jacquard compiled an impressive list of accomplishments, at right, including a Superior Event Award in Hunter In Hand Stallions.

Hopes Creek Ranch runs a small but quality operation, with all horses N/N on the five-panel test. Despite only producing eight to 12 foals per year, Hopes Creek Ranch achieved Leading Breeder honors in 2014 for the second year in a row. All foals are NSBA eligible. Call today to schedule a breeding with the best!


2011 Silver – World Show – Green Hunter
2011 Silver – World Show – Junior Hunter Hack
2011 Bronze – World Show – Hunter In Hand Four & Older Stallions
2011 Silver – National Show – Green Hunter
2011 Silver – National Show – Junior Hunter Hack
2010 Silver – World Show – Junior Hunter Hack
2010 Silver – National Show – Junior Hunter Hack
2008 Bronze – World Show – Hunter In Hand Two & Three Year Olds

2011 Year End Top Ten – Junior Hunter Under Saddle
2011 Year End Top Ten – Junior Hunter Hack
2011 Year End Top Ten – Hunter in Hand Stallions
2011 Superior Event – Hunter in Hand Stallions
2011 Year End Top Ten – Green Hunter
2011 Year End Top Ten – Working Hunter
2010 Year End Top Ten – Junior Hunter Under Saddle
2010 Year End Top Ten – Junior Hunter Hack
2010 Year End Top Ten – Hunter in Hand Stallions
2010 ApHC Club Champion
2010 Year End Top Ten – Pre-Green Hunter
2009 Register of Merit – Junior Hunter Under Saddle
2009 Year End Top Ten – Junior Hunter Under Saddle
2009 Year End Top Ten – Hunter in Hand Stallions
2009 Year End Top Ten – Three-Year-Old Snaffle Bit Hunter Under Saddle
2009 Register of Merit – Three-Year-Old Snaffle Bit Hunter Under Saddle
2008 Year End Top Ten – Hunter in Hand Stallions
2008 Register of Merit – Hunter in Hand Stallions
2007 Year End Top Ten – Hunter in Hand Stallions

2008 Register of Merit – Non-Pro Hunter In Hand Stallions

1 Silver Medallion Winner
5 Bronze Medallion Winners

Total Points 77.0

Total Points 115.5
Registers of Merit: 5

5-Panel N/N

STUD FEE: $1,000

Bred by, Owned by and Standing at:
Hopes Creek Ranch
Walt & Nancy Magnussen
4700 Country Meadow Lane
College Station, TX 77845
(979) 690-0747

Meet Mr. January 2015: The Secret Pardon


The Secret Pardon, “Diesel,” is a 2008 stallion with perfect form and color, as well as a five-time National Champion and a Reserve National Champion, with three bronze medallions. His pedigree is equally  great, being a grandson of Dreamfinder.

James and Laurie Rylander, DVM, of Sweetwater Farms in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, are the proud owners of this fine stallion.

A significant color producer, Diesel has been verified HYPP N/N, which uphold’s Sweetwater Farms’ commitment to testing for and breeding disease-free horses that will further the breed.

After a successful, enjoyable show career, the Rylanders are pleased to present Diesel for breeding to national and international customers. He is standing at the Schembri’s Char-O-Lot Ranch in Florida for the reduced price of $950; cooled and frozen semen is available.

“Our 2015 stud fee has been lowered to $950 to see if we can stimulate the market,” Rylander said.

One of Diesel’s 2014 fillies was Reserve World Champion Non-Pro Halter Filly and third in Open Weanling Fillies with Ted Turner leading her in a huge class.

Now is the time for the affordable, versatile Appaloosa horse to regain the “spot”light as the preferred breed of choice for showing, trail riding with the family-or a combination of both. Why fit in when you can be spotted on an Appaloosa?

Purchase your own copy of the 2015 Stallion Calendar here.



2009 Bronze – National Show – Most Colorful at Halter
2009 Bronze – National Show – Yearling Colts
2008 Bronze – National Show – Weanling Colts

2009 Year End Top Ten – Most Colorful at Halter
2009 Register of Merit – Most Colorful at Halter
2009 Register of Merit – Halter


26 Registered Foals
6 Halter Point Earners
Total Points 53.0
1 Register of Merit

2 Non-Pro Point Earners
Total Points 27.5

STUD FEE: $950
Cooled and frozen semen available
Breeders Trust Logo

Bred By:
James & Judith Blin
Independence, Iowa

Owned By:
James & Laurie Rylander
Cape Cod, MA
Home: 508-896-6021
Cell: 744-353-6813

Standing At:Char-O-Lot
Sue Schembri
35750 Highway 70 E
PO Box 40
Myakka City, FL 34251